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Dear Mon Valley Health Care Provider:

The members of the Working Group on Health of the Mon Valley Providers Council are happy to present the Mon Valley Directory of Health Care Services. The Directory provides a listing of a wide variety of non profit and public health care providers serving the 37 Mon Valley communities in Allegheny County. Each listing includes contact information as well as a brief description of services provided.

It is our hope that you will use this resource to make health care services more accessible to your consumers. Our Working Group will also utilize this information to identify and address gaps in health care services within these communities.

We recognize that this list is not exhaustive and have included information to update existing entries or add new ones, as that information becomes available. Rather than republish the entire Directory, we have created a format that will allow us to simply print updated entries without disrupting the flow of the entire document. You may simply insert the updates into your bound copy using a three ring binder. Our goal is to keep the Directory as current as possible.

On behalf of the Working Group on Health, we would like to thank the members of the Mon Valley Providers Council for their support and resources to bring this Directory to publication. We would like to thank Sue Kerr for her tireless efforts to compile and format the information, draft the Directory and oversee the final publication. Furthermore, we thank Melissa Blaszczyk who compiled the initial information for the Directory and staffed the early development process.

We welcome your comments and suggestions toward improving the Directory. We also welcome any suggestions regarding gaps in health care services that the Working Group on Health could address. Our Group meets monthly and we encourage you to join us. For more information, call the Mon Valley Providers Council at (412) 829-7112.


Dennis Mayor Jim Spindler
South Hills Health System UPMC Braddock
Co-Chair Co-Chair

Compiled and published by the Council’s Working Group on Health


The Mon Valley Providers Council is an alliance of human service providers serving the 37 Mon Valley communities in Allegheny County working together to fill gaps in services for residents. More information on the Mon Valley Providers Council can be found at http://www.nb.net/~mvpc or by contacting the Council at (412) 829-7112.

This Directory lists health care providers in alphabetical order. Where appropriate, we have identified affiliations, multiple locations and other information we hope will be useful for those using this resource.

No project can be successful without the commitment and investment of the members of the Council, and in this case, the active members of the Working Group on Health. This Directory was made possible thanks to the contributions of the following people during its compilation and publication between June 1998 and September 1999:

Allegheny County Health Department
Nancy Osterhus
Ed Schwartz

Allegheny County Juvenile Court
Beth Hufnagel

Shirley Darla
April Farr
Terri Hogya
Mary Hupp
Ginny Kaufer
Denise Kohan
Jonathan Kohan
Susan Paul
Carol Steine

Children’s at Turtle Creek
Dr. Aurapin Sukanich

Duquesne Family Center
Geisha Glass

Family Care Connection
Vicki Mulvay

Betty Williams

McKeesport Collaborative
Niall Sexton

McKeesport Family Center
Laura Bosnack Thompson

People’s Building Family Support Project
Lynn Miklos

Rankin Christian Center
Paul Sandusky

Senator Jay Costa’s Office
Renee Murzyn

South Hills Health System
Dennis Mayor

Three Rivers Center for Independent Living
Jim Herbert

Turtle Creek Valley MH/MR
Laurie Barnett Levine
Nancy Folino
Judy Monahan

UPMC Braddock
Norma Nash
Jim Spindler

UPMC McKeesport
Cathy Heck
Marleen Shick-White