Process to Submit or Revise Entries

||||Process to Submit or Revise Entries
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Process to Submit or Revise Entries

This Directory has been created to provide human service agencies and their consumers with a comprehensive guide to health care services in the 37 Mon Valley communities in Allegheny County. Our intention has been to create an easy-to-use format coupled with a mechanism to accommodate frequent up-dates. While we have pursued every opportunity to include all non profit and public health care providers, we realize there will be additions and changes.

To submit an entry or revision for your organization, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Entries must be non profit or public agencies that provide health care services to the residents of the 37 Mon Valley communities of Allegheny County. While a physical service presence in the Mon Valley is not required, please be sure to indicate any such presence (outreach efforts, branch offices, etc) when applicable.
  2. Complete the entry form and return to the Mon Valley Providers Council. All forms must be completely filled out. Programs and services must be described as succinctly as possible by the agency. Please do not submit any brochures, flyers or other extra materials, as these will not be incorporated into your entry. Any incomplete entries will be returned to the contact person, which will delay publication.
  3. All entries must be typed. Illegible entries will not be processed.
  4. For agencies with multiple sites, please identify the main office as the point of contact and list the remaining sites in the body of your entry.
  5. Programs and services should be health related. Please refer to the index for guidance. Please use language and terms that consumers will understand.
  6. The Directory will be updated on a semi-annual basis. The electronic version available at our website may be updated more often.
  7. Direct any questions about the Directory to the Mon Valley Providers Council at (412) 829-7112 or via email to

Thank you for following these guidelines. Your cooperation will ensure that the process of updating the Directory flows smoothly.