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Our Mission

The Mon Valley Providers Council, a program of the Human Services Center Corporation, in collaboration with individuals, families, and groups in the Mon Valley communities, will define and address mutual issues and needs. Building upon the providers and communities, the Mon Valley Providers Council will promote agendas and develop resources for collective action.

The Mon Valley Providers Council (MVPC) is an alliance of human service and related organizations which are based in or have a substantial service presence in the Mon Valley. The MVPC serves as a formal network for information and resource exchange among human service providers in the Mon Valley. It involves its member organizations in Working Groups which address crucial issues in the Mon Valley in the areas of Employment and Training, Health, Housing, and Youth. These four Working Groups involve the participation of dues paying member agencies and over 250 staff members of those organizations. Through these standing Working Groups, the Providers Council promotes cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among its member and participating organizations in an effort to fill gaps in human services in the Mon Valley communities.

More information about our members, communities served, and annual fund drive can be found by clicking the links at the left.

The MVPC is administered and staffed by the Human Services Center Corporation.

Working Groups

A Steering Committee serves to provide governance, leadership and direction to the Providers Council. At present, there are four Working Groups: Employment and Training, Housing, Health, and Youth. Click on their names or the links at the left for more information about each.

Working Group on Employment and Training

To develop a network of agencies to work toward enhancing the linkage of persons seeking employment with training programs.

  • To connect those people seeking employment with appropriate training programs through ongoing forums.
  • To promote the qualities of the employable in the Mon Valley.
  • To identify the future jobs available and to attempt to influence the design of for those opportunities.
  • To increase the ability of social service providers to connect clients with employment by securing ongoing presenters from the private sector for meetings.
  • To establish an ongoing relationship for dialog with private sector for employers.
  • To develop a network of agencies to work toward enhancing the linkage of employers with employees.

Working Group on Health

To establish a group of social service providers and community groups to examine the health needs of the region and promote viable responses.

  • To improve communication between agencies and between agencies and residents, regarding health related issues.
  • To educate the community about health concerns, risks, and problems in order to improve health and healthful behaviors.
  • To identify health concerns of residents in the region.
  • To collectively define a continuum of health services to meet identified needs.

Working Group on Housing

To establish a group of social service providers (and eventually residents) to address the housing needs of the public and private sector in the Mon Valley.

  • To improve collaborative efforts among housing service providers to better assist residents with housing concerns/needs.
  • To identify and motivate residents to work together with social service providers to improve their housing conditions.
  • To increase the ability of social service providers and residents to connect with housing opportunities and related resources by securing ongoing presenters (public and private) for meetings.

Working Group on Youth

To ensure positive activities and direction for area youth.

  • To provide youth opportunities with stipends to expose youth to employment skills, community service, and positive mentoring experiences
  • To provide youth exposure to career opportunities through job shadowing and career exploitation.