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The Mon Valley Providers Council, a program of the Human Services Center Corporation, in collaboration with individuals, families, and groups in the Mon Valley communities, will define and address mutual issues and needs. Building upon the providers and communities, the Mon Valley Providers Council will promote agendas and develop resources for collective action.

The Mon Valley Providers Council (MVPC) is an alliance of human service and related organizations which are based in or have a substantial service presence in the Mon Valley. The MVPC serves as a formal network for information and resource exchange among human service providers in the Mon Valley. It involves its member organizations in Working Groups which address crucial issues in the Mon Valley in the areas of Employment and Training, Health, Housing, and Youth. These four Working Groups involve the participation of dues paying member agencies and over 250 staff members of those organizations. Through these standing Working Groups, the Providers Council promotes cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among its member and participating organizations in an effort to fill gaps in human services in the Mon Valley communities.

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The MVPC is administered and staffed by the Human Services Center Corporation.

Last Modified:  April 10, 2015

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